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Gourmet Food Export was created for small and medium size French delicatessen companies. Each production site makes innovative, creative, premium, tasty and healthy products. These specialities are the image of different regions of France, from the sunny side of Provence, to the oceanic South West and its local traditions or well-known Parisian gastronomic specialities.

This is why luxury hotels and restaurants, caterers, medium and premium retails and delicatessen shops were seduced by our products in more than 40 countries over the world. Our worldwide presence is made through our participation in internationals fairs in the aim to meet people of the sector, to understand the constant evolution of consumption patterns in order to adapt our offer to the market expectations.

Our international development allows us to link human and taste. Our craftsmans are artists. They are reflecting local’s French food traditions. More than ever, we are sharing a favoured relationship with them that can lead to originals creations. Due to this relationship, we can offer you a large range of products:

  • >   Sweet and savoury macarons
  • >   Iced macarons
  • >   Macarons’ religieuse and finger
  • >   Heart macaron
  • >   Pralines and ganaches chocolates
  • >   Mendiants
  • >   Chocolate in bar
  • >   Mini tarts and profiteroles
  • >   Mini creamed or cherry Basque tarts
  • >   Sweet and salted briochette
  • > Traditional and organic tapenades and vegetables preparations logo_ue-ab
  • > Olives and Provençal condiments
  • >  Duck and goose Foie Gras
  • >  Artisanal meat pates and rillettes
  • >  Duck and Goose confits and magrets
  • >  Artisanal cooked dish
  • >  Traditional and organic jams logo_ue-ab
  • >  Organic honey and candies logo_ue-ab
  • >  Organic nougats logo_ue-ab
  • >  Chocolate, salted caramel from Ile de Ré
  • >  Chocolate spreads and caramel coulis