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Atelier Patrick Garivet

In 1978, when Patrick Garivet was 14, he started to learn the “Patisserie” trough a confectioner training. Since the beginning, he knew that he wanted to be a Chef pastry.

This is not a surprise if, 10 years later, Patrick Garivet was working for a famous producer of Foie Gras and charcuterie. This company was the owner of 10 luxurious shops in France and all around the world. P. Garivet began a surprising activity for this sector: the pastry. As an artist, he elaborated traditional sweet pastry but also salted.

The success came quick and in a little time, 5 more jobs were created.

After 24 years of work, customized recipes, he became an expert!

In 2010, Patrick Garivet created his own company named “Atelier Patrick Garivet”. One year later, he started the creation of sweet and salted pastries like:

 >  The baby French Brioche stuffed with Foie Gras
 >  The traditional French Brioche
 >  The mini Basque Cake stuffed with cream or cherry jam
 >  The famous Éclair

With Patrick Garivet, find a world of taste!