Daniel Mercier

This is in the heart of Berry, in this mischievous country full of dreams and witchery, here where farm legends travelled from villages to castles, from groves to pastures, from rivers to ponds; here where George Sand found her inspiration for her famous Mare au Diable, that everything started at the beginning of the 20th century with Marcel Mercier.

In his turn, Pierre Mercier took his father’s recipes with the aim to perpetuate the family know-how.

Nowadays, with its 5400m2 of laboratory, the Mercier biscuit and chocolate factory became a reference. Creations of the family company are renown for their innovations. And when you come in, there are signs that do not lie, the sweet smell of hot biscuits, aprons full of chocolate, the perfect know-how of women that fill chocolate hen with colorful eggs.

When Daniel Mercier creates, he tastes everything! Not only to check the product quality, but also by love of taste. He likes to improve his recipes and create others. As he often says:

“I don’t pretend to be a creator, I only try to do something original…”