tapenadesMother MSICA who was a very good cook and active woman decided to start making her own range of “Provence” dishes and to sell them, with her children’s help, on the local markets in the area (remember: “Les marches de Provence” sung by Gilbert Bécaud). Very quickly, the whole work started in her own kitchen with her cooking tools and a lot of handwork and jolly workers.

These home made dishes are so quickly successful that the kitchen is not big enough and a Chef from Avignon Cooking School joins the family team. He is soon in charge of the production. Thus the workshop is born, but the method is still the same. A dish is prepared one day and is eaten the following day.

Then it becomes necessary to preserve some of the production. Nice little jars are soon offered on local trade next to fresh food. These jars are sent everywhere in France and abroad.

Today Méditéa makes a range of over a hundred different tapenades and preparations (spreads and dips of black olive, green olive, dry tomatoes, eggplant, paprika…), appetisers, mustards, all chemicals and artificial flavouring free!

Méditéa is a successful family business with one aim: quality and taste!