2 macaron chocolat



Navettes Lavande

Sweet Collection


 >  More than 40 flavours among: passion fruit, mango, lemon, green lemon, blood orange, tangerine, raspberry, blackcurrant, chocolate, coffee, pistachio, Guérande salt caramel, praline

 >  Iced macarons: coffee, savoury caramel, pistachio, chocolate, lemon, strawberry


 >  Ganache pralines: milk chocolate, black chocolate

 >  Little chocolate spoon: milk chocolate, black chocolate

 >  Chocolate coated orangette

 >  Irrésistibles: caramel, mint, orange

 >  Mendiants: milk chocolate, black chocolate

 >  Laminated chocolate camembert in box

 >  Chocolate truffles

 >  Chocolate spread

Jams and jellies

 >  More than 35 recipes in jar of 220g and 370g: strawberry, apricot, cassis, dark cherry, fig, wild blackberry, vine peach, pear with bourbon vanilla …

Honey and candies

 >  Selected for their particular flavour, a wide range of French and world honey in 360g and 500g packaging: acacia, chestnut, creamy, flower, forest, lavender, mountain, Provence, fir tree, linden

 >  Honey lozenges, honey lozenges with different tastes: eucalyptus, pine sap, lemon, Propolis, violet, blackcurrant, mint, mandarin…

 >  Royal jelly

 >  Red pralines


 >  White nougat

 >  Flavored nougat: caramel salt from Guérande, raspberry, blackberry, fig, apricot, apple, chestnut, cacao chocolate and orange peel, lavender flower, calisson paste, pistachio, lemon…

 >  Soft Brittany nougat

 >  Hard nougat

 >  Assortment and box

 >  Special assortment for Christmas and Easter


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