Savoury Collection


 >  Tapenades 500g: green olives, black olives, anchovy cream, paprika mayonnaise, basil pesto from Provence, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese cream, eggplant caviar, artichoke, sweet red pepper cream, sun dried tomatoes cream

 >  Tapenades 1kg: green olives, black olives, mix of green and black olives, anchovy cream, eggplant caviar, sun dried tomatoes cream

foie gras mi cuit

Foie Gras

 >  Whole half cooked foie gras 400g and 1,1kg

 >  Half-cooked foie gras in bloc 30% pieces 400g and 1kg

 >  Half-cooked foie gras in bloc 400g et 1kg

 >  Terrine of truffled foie gras millefeuille 5% 1,1kg

 >  Duck thighs confit from 170g to 230g

 >  Can of 10 to 12 thighs with grease from 2,2kg to 2,3kg

 >  Gizzard from 300g to 1kg: goose, duck

 >  Full or sliced magret

Briochette au Foie Gras

Savoury pastries

 >  Baby French brioche stuffed with foie gras

 >  Savoury Macarons: carrot/cumin, goat cheese/piquillo pepper, mushroom, candied onion

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