Méditéa-Délices du Lubéron is a family company that succeed over the ages due to the constant search for new recipes to complete the classic range with Mediterranean and Provençal flavours.

Goat and Olive Delight

The last new innovation of this craft company is a range of spreads whose the heart of the recipe is the goat cheese. This light and fresh range is composed of:

    >   goat cheese and basilica
    >   goat cheese and green olives
    >   goat cheese and black olives
    >   goat cheese and dried tomatoes

These new products will delight goat cheese lovers that will rediscover this cheese with touches of Provence flavours.
As every Délices du Lubéron preparations, these new items can be eaten on toasts for appetizer, on bread slices with a fresh salad or to give a Mediterranean flavour to your pasta dishes.