> Macaroons of chocolate, delicious sweets of chocolate in shape of macaroon packaged in a rectangular box ; the perfect gift for your friends or your family. This assortment will seduce the chocolate lovers because there are coated of milk, dark or white chocolate. Inside you will discover flavors like caramel cream or hazelnut praliné.

> Hearts in chocolate, a new range dedicated for the Valentine’s day, but not only. These little colored sweets in chocolate in shape of heart are stuffed of delicious fruit jellies, ganache or of the unique hazelnut praliné.

> Boxes of specialities, always with the aim to promote the local french products Éric Vallegeas created chocolate like Ile de Ré : Fort Boyard in chocolate (famous fortification in the Atlantique Ocean situated near Ile de Ré), or pyramid of salt from Ile de Ré. All theses products are made with local ingredients from France like AOP butter from Poitou-Charente and sea salt flower from Ile de Ré.

Whithout forget the traditionnal chocolate bars more and more original with for example marbled, stuffed bars, or fruits bars, all made with the best cacoas. But also the famous salted sea salt flower butter caramel from Ile de Ré.


Ile de Ré Chocolats