Ile de Ré Chocolats

IDR Chocolats RondAt the beginning pastry maker, Daniel Vallegeas always had a passion for chocolate, he even wanted to open a chocolate factory when young. After tried some recipes and chocolate specialties based on local products, he launches the brand Ile de Ré Chocolats in 1995.

It’s his son, Eric Vallegeas, after his studies composed the whole chocolate range and specialties Ile de Ré Chocolats. He realized his father’s dream, and during the 2000’s, the first major order was shipped. A second laboratory entirely dedicated to chocolate was created.

Several years later, Eric Vallegeas took charge of company and the salted butter caramel became one of famous products.

A new workshop open in Saint Martin de Ré, and another in La Rochelle. This 2 spaces, open chocolates museum to the public to share the love of the chocolate.

Today, Ile de Ré Chocolats is a rich range of more than 100 products:

>   Ballotins boxes
>   Chocolate bars
>   Chocolate spreads: hazelnuts, lace crepes, caramel shards
>   Caramel creams: salt butter sea salt, black chocolate, piedmont hazelnuts, peanuts, biscuit shards
>   Dessert caramel coulis: salt butter with sea salt, black ivory, Madagascar vanilla, orange Cointreau
>   Range of caramel papillote: sea salt flower, Cognac, vanilla, chocolate
>   Specialties: potatoes from Ile de Ré in chocolate, Fort Boyard in chocolate, pilots in chocolate, almond and chocolate rolls, mojettes nougatine, praline seagull eggs and caramel chips, chocolate mussels, praliné laminated sea salt
>   Festive metal boxes

« A family know-how that combines art and local good products »