Les Délices de Pascale

« Les Délices de Pascale » is a family business producing 100% naturals jams, jellies and chutneys. Products are preservatives and colouring agent free, prepared with 63% of fruits in order to get the original taste of the fresh fruit.

The jam maker, Bernard Jougla, shares his activity with his wife Pascale, who inspired him for the name of the company.

It’s next to the heart of the Pyrenees Ariègeoise, in the village of Saint-Lizier, that Bernard Jougla, member of the French order of jams makers, creates his recipes. As an artist, he is developing a range of original recipes and flavours like apple pears and walnuts jam, green tomatoes jam or the mango chutney.

« Les Délices de Pascale » won a pride and medals 3 following years at the General Agricole Competition of Paris. Today, 13 products have golden and silver medals!

« Les Délices de Pascale » also offer superior quality jams thanks to carefully selected fruits from organic farming.

        « Les Délices de Pascale » are natural, real and tasty products, it’s a trip into the heart of flavours!