Palette des saveurs herbes de ProvenceMade out of traditional recipes, these new ranges are creative and innovative.
Thus, some new products joined the beautiful range of Méditéa-Délice du Lubéron: the Provençal painter display, a range of salts and herbs from Provence.

The Provençal painter display

The Provençal painter display is like a real painter’s display. But instead of circles of colour, you will have 6 little jars of 30g with different tastes:

>   The classic green tapenade with French olives
>   Another classic, the black tapenades made with French olives too
>   The dry tomatoes paste which will be perfect with pasta
>   The goat cheese and dry tomatoes paste on slice of bread with salad
>   The eggplant caviar which brightens up appetizer
>   The anchovy cream which perfectly suits with cuttlefish
>   Since the little jars allow tasting each flavour without wasting, the Provençal painter display is really convenient especially for appetizer
>   Moreover, the Provençal painter display can be offered as a gourmet souvenir gift.

Salts and herbs from Provence

Méditéa-Délices du Lubéron developed a nice range of salts and herbs that are entirely composed of French Provençal ingredients. The range is composed with:

>   Herbs from Provence
>   Oregon from Provence
>   Thyme from Provence
>   Coarse salt from Camargue with herbs from Provence
>   Lavender flower

These herbs are ideal for composed salads or to add a French Riviera taste for stove, barbecue or plancha meat preparations.