Culturally, pâté is a french speciality that we love to eat on bread for an aperitif, in salads, by ourselves or with friends. Its delicate taste can be found in several flavors. What changes are meat, spices or side dishes (vegetables, mushrooms… ).

« Les petits pâtés fin » by Michel Catusse exists in 7 different flavors :

    >   Pâté from Farm
    >   Duck Pâté
    >   Pheasan Pâté with nuts and chanterelles
    >   Rabbit Pâté
    >   Wild Rabbit Pâté with vegetables and black chanterelles
    >   Wildboard Pâté with red fruits and morels
    >   Roe Deer Pâté with cep mushrooms and sauge herb

With this new range of pâtés, you will have a large choice or flavors, but also of sizes 95 gr or 150 gr. What can we say ?  « Allow yourselves an unforgettable experience ! »