Since a few years, the Parisian macaron is one of the most coveted pastry of the French culinary specialities. Eating a macaron is more than eating a simple pastry, this is a gourmet ritual. First, you devour it with your eyes with its round shape that betray its delight and its bright colours. Then, when you crunch it, you discover a crispy shell that surrounds a generous fill full of tastes.

Pascal Rio knows well the macaron and that is why he made of this delicious French pastry his speciality. He is now able to propose a large range of 40 tastes of the traditional macaron.

After he declined the classic sweet macaron into a savoury macaron, he decided to transform the shape, always with the aim to create and surprise.

The Heart Macaron

Heart Macaron

Pascal Rio is the first to launch the heart macaron. This macaron exists in 5 flavours:

>   Strawberry
>   Citrus
>   Morello cherry
>   Blackberry
>   Red fruits

The heart macaron is perfect for life events like weddings as well as for special celebrations like the Valentine’s Day.

The Finger Macaron

Finger Macaron

The Finger Macaron is a Pascal Rio creation that, instead of being round like the traditional French macaron, has an oval shape that can be similar to a finger, as its name mentions it. The finger macaron exists in 4 flavours:

>   Chocolate
>   Vanilla
>   Pistachio
>   Raspberry

You can enjoy the finger macaron whenever you want like you would do with the classic macaron. You can also decorate your finger macaron for more creativity. In any way, it will create the curiosity of your friends.