This family company offers a wide range of nougat and handmade products made according to a traditional know-how transmited from generation to generation.

Diane de Poytiers offers many different nougat flavors:

> White nougat of Montélimar,

> Salted caramel from Guérande,

Diane de Poytiers

> Chocolate and orange peels,

> Fig,

> Raspberry,

> Blueberry,

> Candied fruits,

> Apricot,

> Chestnut,

> Lavender flower,

> Terroir nougat,

> Breton honey nougat,

> Breton honey and caramel nougat.

Besides offer a wide range of flavors, the nougats could be packaged in bar (35g, 50g, 100g), in bag (100g, 150g, 200g), in metal box (200g) or in bulk according the flavors.

The innovation of the year is the cardboard bag 150g full of wrapped nougat of Montélimar or of raspberry nougat, blueberry nougat or salted caramel from Guérande nougat.


We also have the apparition of spreads at Diane de Poytiers with original recipes because there made with almonds and nougat.

Here the three flavors proposed:

> Almonds and honey,

> Almonds and chocolate,

> Almonds and caramel.