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Honey and candies

 >  10 recipes of organic honey in 250g, 350g, 500g, and 1kg jar: acacia, forest, liden, mountain, flower, eucalyptus, creamy, rosemary, orange, chestnut.

 >  Pollen in balls of thread and coated pollen

 >  Royal jelly

 >  Honey lozenges, with lot of flavors: eucalyptus, pine sap, lemon, blackcurrant, mandarin, mint, blackberry, orange, rosemary, verbena, violet, bergamot orange, caramel, apiaceae, licorice.


Jams and marmelade

 >  7 recipes of organic jams in 370g jar : apricot, blackcurrant, violet and fig, strawberry, wild blackberry, mirabelle prune, rhubarb.

 >  Bitter orange marmelade



 >  Different type of packaging : Bars, bag, display



Available in glass jar 90g or in plastic bol 100g.

>  Tapenade: Black olives tapenade,

>  Vegetable preparations: Eggplant caviar, Zucchinis cream, Artichokes cream, Sun-dried tomatoes cream, Hummus, Hummus of coral lens, Hummus of beetroot,

>  Mini toasts with cereals grilled to enjoy these delicious preparations.