macarons gamme standard rond Gourmet food export


Over the last 15 years, alimentary consumption habits have changed in Europe and all over the world. In fact, nowadays, 75% of the global population is now urbane. Today, under full acceleration, those consumption patterns fit nicely in a general trend that we can resume as:

 >  Premium (creative and tasty)
 >  Innovative (concept, approach, convenient)
 >  Healthy and natural
 >  Some credibility and responsibility

This is both a trend and an awareness we are answering to. In parallel and because of economic situation, we can note a huge expansion of the share trade.

 >  Responding to needs does not limit us and we care about respect certain values:
 >  Pro-activity
 >  Honesty
 >  Taste and creativity
 >  Focus on human
 >  Respect of the environment